Dean Hummer of Omaha, Nebraska

The story goes that Dean Hummer bought an H-D dealership and sold so many 125cc lightweights he got a call from "the factory" about this . . . They wanted him to come to Milwaukee for a meeting (or maybe it was a scheduled dealer meeting?)  He knew something was up . . . hoped he wasn't in trouble, or maybe they wanted to know his sales strategies???  Anyway, they asked if they could name the Model after him . . . after that day, they were christened The Harley Hummer ! 

Hey Noot . . . Harley called,
 "They want to name their new bike The Nootster
What do ya think?


Brad Cramer said...

And they thought Omaha was just a big livestock market.

Surly said...

But poor old Bill Bobcat, Steve Scat, Pete Pacer, and Roger Ranger never get mentioned!
Actually I'd never head the story of Dean Hummer. Thanks for that.