Last Lap

My buddy Kike has a tricked-out Victory.  I've rode a lot of miles with him.  It's an all black bagger with 100cu in motor - and it never failed.  When we'd be at a stop, the old timers where gawkin' at my panhead or ironhead.  The rest were checkin' out his Victory.  I saw him pull away from many Harleys - it runs hard, looks trick - and I wouldn't feel stupid riding his bike (like I would a new Indian(yuk).  It's too bad the company is closing, 'cause I liked their motorcycles.  But, I never bought one myself . . . and that's probably what did it.  A lot of dudes didn't buy one.  No matter what Arlen Ness or Roland Sands could do . . . they ain't makin' anymore.  But that don't mean they weren't any good.

Now Kike will be like me . . . ridin' iron(or aluminum) they don't make anymore !  Hey, she liked it !

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