Old Timer

This guy came up and politely asked me some early ironhead questions, which I answered for him.  As usual, we got to talkin' . . . and he built this bike himself.  It's got all types of neato modifications.  He was a customer of the Harley Hospital (Leo Payne's venture performance business) and Payne had his hands on this very engine. 
It always kinda blows my mind that I can meet someone 25+ years my senior, and we get into the same stuff on this very day.  We've had all the same failures with these bikes, and know what works and what doesn't - and it never fails . . . I learn something new from all this.  These ol' timers that still own their original bikes are the total shit.  The guy and his trusty old bike were just the coolest . . . right down to the boxed Camel pack, still in his front pocket.
(that's him in the old framed photo, deerskin vest, same bike)  
Terrible with names, but I remember faces....

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