TECH: Early Sportster Primary

These are the factory H-D locks, for tightening the sprocket shaft nut and clutch hub.  I used an original brass nut-lock under the hub nut.  Supposedly designed to help seal from outside oil.
Double-Check your primary chain adjuster bolts.  If the bottom one is too long, it will hit the flywheel (since it goes all the way through).  I use loc-tite red, and an extra heavy flat washer with lock. 
Your clutch will function properly if you line up the small hash on the clutch hub with the big hole in the steel plates.  Stamping (beveled side OUT) on the steels.  On new Raybestos fibers, I take a flat file and deburr(square up) all the slots of excessive fiber material, so they slide nice on the clutch basket dogs.

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lucky23design said...

Didn't know that about the steel plates. Thanks for the tip(: