The Digger

This bike gets ridden the least.  It usually needs gas.  It's kinda fast, and can surprise you with bursts of power at higher rpms - and actually handles pretty good.  It's tough to kickstart ( I run it a bit late in the season, after my right leg is built up )  No high speed wobbles, but if the tank is too full, raw fuel can bubble and spurt out the cap at high revs . . . drenching your crotch and shirt with gasoline.  On a hot day, with a magneto - this could be dangerous?  The L-Series carb spits gas when starting, and it gets on the pipes.  Performance can be messy.
It's loud, it's got muscle, it's everything an ironhead stroker is supposed to be. Even at over 50+ years old - and still a formidable ride which can draw the attention over almost any motorcycle I'm riding with . . . I often think of selling it - then I take it for one last ride and change my mind.  Everytime so far . . .

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