Collecting Bearing Rollers

We've got boxes of these things.  Quality bearing rollers.  Many are stored in small tin jars with a light coat of oil, preserving them for years.  The best rollers (consistent size, etc.) are made in USA or Japan.  The quality control of these rollers is better too.  Many of the Chinese and India rollers appear this shiny chrome-like appearance, with sharp edges. They measure inconsistently - and I frequently find varying diameters in packaging.  You MUST measure each roller, since a single larger roller would destroy your bearing races.  I can never assume the rollers are all the correct size. 
Unless you rebuild engines, these rollers are kinda useless.  Nobody really wants them otherwise.  I have a good supply of Shovelhead (later aluminum cage) rollers which I hoard.  It's a great feeling to be rebuilding a set of connecting rods (like the one's below) and get the races all honed and straight.  The crank pin has been measured, and it's a perfect 1.249 like Harley-Davidson wanted.  I decide I need +.0006 rollers for a perfect fit - and dig through my stash to find NOS rollers, Made In USA, all oiled up - all measure perfect, all is right with the world on this sunny Sunday afternoon, in the garage with classic rock on the radio.  Nothing better . . .

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