Early Hydra Glide

I pieced together an early set (stock rake for rigid frames)
but, it was kinda Fuk'd . . .
1. Fixed stem and threads
2. Stripped paint, roughed up chrome
3. Acid etched
4. Primed & painted
5. Sportster Buckhorns (made into one-piece bars)
6. Drilled & tapped for switches
7. The destroyed lower Timken removed
8. Lower stem repaired
9. Fork Stops repaired
10. Fork Caps repaired
11. New lower Timken installed with dust shield
12. Painted everything
13. Stainless top plate repaired
14. All special top nuts, and parts, etc deburred and fixed
15. All mock-up assembled.
16. All the parts were kinda cheap (for a good reason)
17.  Everything was kinda Fuk'd
18. Good now(but I missed a lot of TV programs)
19. Damper parts plug the hole - and look cool

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