Gene Payne's Front Hub

I like Gene.  He loves the KRs, XRs and XLR H-D race bikes.  Most of the time, he doesn't start with restoration of an entire motorcycle . . . mostly just parts.  Frames, engine cases, heads, front ends . . . but he expertly assembles it all together, like they ran it back in the day.  Gene has some parts recreated - like this front hub.  Starting as a stock '64 up Sportster front hub.  Machining a large hole, covering it with a screen, cutting up an aluminum clutch cover for a scoop . . . The cool air gets sucked in on this side
The hot air comes out this side (or that's the idea) More precise holes are cut in this side with screens to keep out dirt and dust.  The "fins" were copied from Belland's Goliath (Milburn's restoration) and re-created exactly.  I supposed the fins help draw out the hot air, or keep dirt out when the wheel is in motion, etc.  Gene did a really nice job, it's something you notice right away, and it's functional.  Spoked to the correct rim with Ceriani forks . . . beautiful.  Probably cost him a small fortune, but it's cool (literally) !

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Bastard said...

Very cool indeed.