Mama Tried Weekend

I like driving sometimes. 
Mississippi River, Iowa side open - Wisconsin side frozen.
This girl had her Triumph Cub, waiting for carry-out.
Races were great as usual . . . Jared Mees and Cory Texter battled until Mees pretty much ran into him to pass . . . bangin' is racing I guess ?
Michael Lichter was there doin' his thing . . . he also had a show at the Iron Horse Hotel with stories and commentary about his photographs.  I was gonna say hello, but he was kinda busy, tryin' to make
some money . . .  so was Kurpius.
Some guys fell on their ass . . . but it was pretty decent mostly. 

Nathan made it . . .
Hux checkin' out Keith Ulicki's bikes and leathers on display in the lobby.
in the stands . . . being "Instagram'd" and don't even know it !  Hey Rich !

The Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee is the best motorcycle show I've ever seen.  I haven't been to Born Free . . . but this show is really good - and it's great catching up with all the dudes !

It's the motors I like best . . .

 The best display of bikes today - anywhere in the world.

Itchy's new orange Kawasaki . . .




lucky23design said...

Yours is one of only two blogs I follow regularly. Don't desert us to Instagram!

-BaRoN- said...

looks like you had a great time