Winston Pro Series Ads

When Camel and Winston cigarettes sponsored the AMA National Dirt Track Series, all the race programs had these (front/back cover, inserts, etc.) full color advertisements.  Some of the ads picture actual pro racers (Mike Kidd comes to mind) sitting on their machines, smoking a Camel or a Winston.  Some ads (like the one above) just have a fashion model pictured with race bikes somewhere in the ad.  It's funny.  You'd see a new one and the model guy is someone you've never seen before sitting on Springsteen's bike, with a weird number plate on it . . . You know the bike, not the model. 

Heck, first thing Dick Mann did after a heat was take off his helmet and light a smoke.  After the main, maybe a smoke and some suds !  Some things don't change.  The beauty of flat track.


Hux said...

Dude...why remove the flat out Friday post?

Noot said...

It's sort of a dead issue, since the race wasn't really "an official" points race or anything. Why beat a dead horse over an indoor coke race? - it's over, it is what it is . . . more of a race for entertainment purposes - and that's the best kind, and what it was meant to be - You know the difference, if you want to see the real deal, go to the Springfield Mile, Sacto Mile, Peoria TT, Lima Half Mile, Hagerstown, Charity Newsies, etc. . . . Go to a track with some history and you'll know what I mean. Words can't explain.

Hux said...

All a matter of perspective.