Workin' Weekends

Spinning down cast-iron 80" valve guides for Ricky's heads.  I like to buy them oversize, then cut the diameter to the proper press fit I need.
Every "X" needs a 10-24 Heli-Coil to keep those pan covers from leakin' on Billy Mize.

After Dustin repaired this exhaust flange, we rigged up this fixture to drill the hole straight - and tap it 5/16-18 for a stud on Ricky's shovelhead.

The lower cooling fin on this '48 head of Bill's was broken off and missing.  Dustin recreated the fin and shaped it to perfection.
McFarland surfaced Gordy's panheads, and undercut the steel inserts. 

I'm fortunate to have some talented individuals around me to achieve excellent results.  But, I feel this work benefits us both - two-fold.  These guys have furthered their resumes to include repair and reconditioning of a lost art, which slips away a bit - day by day - as we lose the men who serviced these engines.  The old-timer H-D mechanics who proudly repaired and serviced the brand.  Just trying my best to keep it alive - so these old marks keep burnin' down the road - rackin' up carefree miles . . .

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