A Gift from a Friend

This book is very informative.  The new Harleys don't come with a manual that gives the detailed information (as in the book). 
I run the dry clutch in all my bikes.  They work the best, don't slip, don't drag . . . keep them dry and they're maintenance free.
Basically, 6.5 to 1 compression is all you need to win multiple national championships.  The key is to keep your tire from spinning, and your motorcycle moving forward.  6.5 to 1 compression and a dry clutch did the trick !
The Clutch is easy-to adjust . . .
 The Cams are easy-to-install and time yourself . . .
 The Valves are easy-to-adjust too . . .

All maintenance is possible with common hand tools.  The Harley-Davidson K Model designed for the "street riding enthusiast" or the "privateer racer" . . . either route you take - a simple machine with adequate performance . . . Where shall we go today ? ! ? !
In the back of this book are some simple riding suggestions.  These are included in many Harley-Davidson rider hand-books.  These simple guidelines have helped keep me safe, and out of harm's way in many instances. (ie: No. 1,3 & 11) (No. 2, I don't sound my horn) These tips worked in 1952 and still work in 2017 . . .
Spring is coming - Ride safe -Ride smart.  -Noot


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