Stealing Ideas for a Build . . .

ABOVE: I like the rear fender (stock) without the hinged tail section.  Leave the hinge on, with stainless trim strips.  I don't really care for his license plate mount.  This whole style and look is what I'm after . . . with a Hydra-Glide front end.
Trent's build is neat.  I like the paint scheme - simple 50's look.  I'll have to run the bottom pipe lower so I can use a tool box (my dad has an original one) - then I'll have room for tools too !
I like the dash the same color as the tanks (Clapper's suggestion). 
This bike kicks serious ass.
These rear fender strips are kinda short? 
I like this black SU Eliminator.  It looks vintage.  Maybe powdercoat the air cleaner parts and just paint the carb slide bowl so you could keep the inside clean?  The whole motorcycle a stripped stocker, small mods the more you look.  Functional.  Ride the sucker.

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lucky23design said...

They're all beauties, but I love the first example, personally.