Last year at National Motocycle Museum

I rode down and parked next to this cool van (Full Moon Nate) and sipped energy drinks, bought parts (from Jim Long RIP) and had a great time.  The blue skies eventually turned dark as I headed up north late in the afternoon . . . my bike now loaded with parts !  It was a grand day.  It was the first time I really hung around with Jim Long for a whole day.  I'd go look at his stuff, then he'd make a pile of parts, and he was selling me stuff cheap.  Every part had something wrong with it, but we both agreed it could be repaired "this way or that" . . . all usable, original H-D parts.  They've all be repaired now, ready to be put into service on my latest bike build.  The 1954 Panhead (I hate the word "Bobbed") so I'll call it "hacked"  . . . and I might name it The Rug Rat, since it has some ratty parts, and I've been sitting on the floor a lot, building this thing.  Anyway, it's a day I'll always remember, spending a lot of time with Jim for once . . . But Nate's blue van will be back . . . and I'm getting my own swap space this year !

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