NPR (National Public Radio) on Robert Pirsig

Robert Pirsig has a pre-recorded interview on NPR today.  They usually do the interview in the morning time (a couple runs) and then again in the afternoon.  Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was his book.  I've read it twice(as an adult), and still don't really understand everything.  It did help to explain a couple issues from my youth, that I always thought were kinda abnormal - but Pirsig proved otherwise through explaining the actions of his own son during the trip.  Publishers tried to persuade him to write many more books on these subjects, however Mr. Pirsig generally stated, "I said what I wanted to say about the subject, and my feelings towards it, and that's it, all I have to say."  A member of the Viking Chapter AMCA Club told me Pirsig still had his Honda !  Many offers from potential buyers - but he never sold it.
The motorcycle trip with his son across the USA, through national parks, camping, cold - and the maintenance on this tiny Honda, riding two-up, with all their gear (or lack of) . . . was a most remarkable adventure of hardship, triumph and tragedy.  The trip itself, and writing of the book, the aftermath of it's influence throughout his lifetime - and the "real" effect on Mr. Pirsig, himself . . . that which only he would ever know.

When your motorcycle is broken, or strands you . . .  the situation cast itself as a "zen" moment, now an opportunity to stop and "take in" the nature around you.

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