Gene Romero: 1970 Grand National Champion

What track had that stained glass off the grandstands?  Romero is ready for a start.  No gloves, with barely a face shield . . . no chest protector, neck ring, no pads.  Probably wearing common engineer boots with a Maely skid shoe?  Lightweight as possible to use every available pony from that Triumph in a valiant attempt to defend that No. 1 Plate. 
Note: He'll lose that #1 to Dick Mann in 1971, racing his same, trusty BSA, which I believe was the same bike he won the championship in 1963 !
Gene Romero is one of the best things that ever happened to motorcycle racing in the USA.  He raced a long and successful career, promoted and represented many brands, and started his own racing series.  Photo above: He can't get much more tucked in baby . . . .
Gene was the best on the Miles.  The faster the better.  This led to road racing - and more wins.
On any given day, Gene Romero could lead and win against all the greats . . . Baker(above), Sheene, Roberts, Skip and Nixon.  All competitors have great, mutual respect for Romero.
Visiting an injured (but, still smiling!) Barry Sheene . . .
 He also won the 1975 Daytona 200. (back when it meant something)


Bastard said...

I loved it when Hailwood beat Sheene @ IOM on a Ducati...Sheene was on that 4 cyl,
million hp Suzuki two stroke... Hailwood was 37 years old at the time..

Shop Teacher Bob said...

The track with the stained glass windows is DuQuoin. Beautiful building.