Water: The most corrosive liquid known to mankind.

My dad rebuilt this motor over year long ordeal.  He then got the title for it.  Then a local dude saved his pennies so he could buy it.  So proud.  Then the dude got it all bolted into his scooter.  Then a monsoon rain hit our area, he looked out the window, the water was close to his garage, but not there yet.  He looked out later and the dam broke, and the water was up to the rockers.  Shit.  It sat all Winter (after the water went down).  The guy had so many priorities with his home, etc, he couldn't do anything with it . . . and 7 months later, the motor came back.  Still full of water.  Pitting had already started on shafts . . . now it gets redone - AGAIN.  The power of water.

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