Axtell vs. Stock

I met Chris about 5 or 6 years ago at the Davenport Swap Meet (near the bathroom party area) and we talked strokers, Doc Dytch, Leo Payne, drags, big bores . . . who the hell is this kid?  He goes by Lil' Chris outta New Berlin.  He runs his S&S big bore stroker on trips to Chicago, Des Moines, Byron . . . it's his "road bike" complete with 25T trans sprocket.  Well, it gave up the ghost on May 6th and he needed his AAA(triple A) roadside assistance.  The 900(Axtell Cylinder) on the left, and a stock 1000cc on the right.  Taller with lots of meat . . . special head bolts, it runs modified, original Branch heads too . . . Crazy ass cool shit kids !

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