FAST BLACK Cylinders

 You can identify the late-model Ironhead Sportster cylinders by the flat cooling fins on the inside near the intake manifold clamps.  I'm not exactly sure when they started doing this?  Maybe around 1981? 
This is my choice of paint for all black, iron H-D cylinders.  Clean the spray tip and can after each use.  Blow off with air.  Lately, the cans have been real finicky - either clogging all together(PJ-1 sent me a new can) but now it leaks out the spray tip and drips.  AND, It's expensive.  But it looks the best, and stays on.


Bastard said...

OK, I'll try it... So far for keep rust off my
BT flathead, brushing on vinegar, wiping that off and brushing on
Rustoleum BBQ paint is the only coating that keeps rust away. Other, high temp, spray on paints only work for a couple of months..I do wash my bike down every couple of weeks and use compressed air to blow all the water on the cylinders.
Thanks for the tip........

Noot said...

I always wash in hot, soapy Ivory or Dawn then rinse with clean hot water and blow dry - then paint. No primer. You may want to brush those heads with hot soapy -then blow - but this shit works ! I use a piece of cardboard(for a mask) and touch up a bit, but not very often.