Just Relax

Aftermarket lever (at least it's tight !) with old, original hardware.  The cable pin is made of a heavy bronze material.  It was a real bitch gettin' the cable all hooked in the brake, and adjusting it so it worked without dragging.  I was so pissed off . . .
I must have bitched, "Fuk'n Harley-Davidsons !" about a dozen times.  I decided to take a walk outside and cool off (and regroup a bit).  Then I noticed my beautiful flowers are all really nice this time of year.  All blooming.  Some I planted 20+ years ago after digging from ditches and woods.  It calmed me down, looking at my flowers and talking to my cat.

If I get too stressed out about motorcycles, I like to look at Love Cycles Instagram and it gets me to look at the fun-side again.  That Jeremiah never gets upset and always looks like he's having the best time . . . today he was buffing his gear cover with a rooster on his shoulder !

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