Road Trip to Saude, Iowa

I was thinking about having a Ride In Camp Out sometime - in a place kinda remote, and I heard about this . . . Me and C. took a drive on this cold, windy, damp day.
This is perfect !
This clump of grass in the tree ain't a bird nest - It's when the flood was so high grass caught in the tree limps - hold shit !
Plenty of camping spots and very primitive.  No electricity (that I saw) but no water? Hmmm?
There was an old, cast iron well pump (with a bolt through it) Maybe it works in the summer?
It's surrounded by marsh, woods a couple small streams.  Real remote. The town of Protivin is near for supplies . . . or the Jerico Bar.  A huge swarm of turkey vultures flew above us waiting . . . that's a good sign !  We checked out some other small towns, and saw a few places good for a small business.  These small Iowa towns are dying fast . . very few good ones left.
Restore the lower archways into windows, with a fancy door.  Dancing downstairs with dinner on Friday nites . . . a discreet business with ladies upstairs.  The future is you.

Knock out the plywood, again with windows, overhead door on the left - This becomes the motorcycle restoration and vintage engine building.  The future is me.
 . . . or just go work for Ed's and build cars.  At 5:00 leave for home and let him deal with the rest.
Life goes by so fast, so start a project while you can.  This is where we all will be, when the bell tolls - for it will someday toll for thee.  This grave marker has been here so long, their name is gone, but somewhere, somebody knows.  There was a time their life was filled with adventure and joy - the best times of life can be everyday of your life - it's what you do with it. 
Maybe I should go ahead and have my camp out ?  Invite some people - have a little fun.

 My wife is a gem. 
This natural spring in Decorah, Iowa is cool.  At a school field trip here in 4th Grade, the teacher yelled at me and Phil Roggemann for standing in the water at the top.
The natural spring (cold) water.  Perfect for rainbow trout.
Upstairs at one of the best ice cream parlors around here.  Water Street - Decorah, Iowa


Hux said...

Love your thought process.....Rickys Revival?.......Noots Night Out? your shot but don't forget to send my invite!

Brad Cramer said...

I know these things can get out of hand,but if you extend invites I would ride over from Omaha.

Noot said...

Out of hand? I'll just tell the officer it was your idea ! Ha ha

pat said...

Set the Date!