Good News ! Morty Update:

I brought Morty home from the Vet last night, and he's doing really good.  He's been sleeping in my main television chair (now covered with freakin' cat hairs), but I think I can get him to have a full recovery.  He's got a funny, little twitch or "tick" with his head every few minutes, but that's going away.  Thanks for the thoughts dudes.  Just a cat to some people, but Mort's a really great friend to me - and I felt terrible yesterday.  Damn cats anyway . . . I could have bought a Sportster front end with the Vet bill. 
NOTE:  Upon further investigation, you could see where Morty was trying to get his cat-door open while standing in a pool of raw fuel, from his paw prints and face smears on the cat door.  He can get out if he really wants to, during storms or to confront trespassing cats.  His fur and feet were wet with gasoline, plus the fumes.  He was trying and finally just overcome. 
Remember, check your fuel, anti-freeze and dangerous chemicals around your pets.


Brad Cramer said...

Hope he pulls through without any problems. Ya its crazy how we get so attached to pets.

Noot said...

He's doin' good, back to his old self almost. Thanks. I realize pets aren't around forever, but he deserves to be around awhile longer.

lucky23design said...

Good news. They're tougher than you think!

Chris K said...

What a nerve racking experience. Glad to hear the little guy is better. Our feelings for our pets can be really strong since they are part of our lives everyday.

Good you didn't burn the place down!

Mct496 said...

You be amazed how quickly a "tough guy" turns into a balling baby when. They lose their lil' buddy me included