In 1963 a factory H-D KRTT was tested - and achieved a top speed of 142mph at Daytona International Speedway.  45 cubic inches with 7.25 compression.  KRTTs won at Daytona a total of 12 victories in 15 years during their realm of racing - competing with overhead valve (and a few overhead cam) engines. 
Mert Lawwill credited the success due to "soft power" which kept the tires from spinning and allowing the motorcycle to be more consistently m o v I n g   f o r w a r d .

Paul Goldsmith 1953
Brad Andres 1955
John Gibson 1956
Joe Leonard 1957
Joe Leonard 1958
Brad Andres 1959
Brad Andres 1960
Roger Reiman 1961
Ralph White 1963
Roger Reiman 1964
Roger Reiman 1965
Calvin Rayborn 1968
Calvin Rayborn 1969
A special note . . . Paul Goldsmith is still alive (he's 91 yrs. old)

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Bastard said...

Cool, the same model bike did 142 @ Riverside, CA in 1963. Cycle World magazine did the test.Then @ the drag strip with the gearing changed, it went 103 mph in 12.7 seconds............48 hp @ the rear wheel from 45 inches of flathead..