A Nervous Wreck !

There's nothing more nerve-racking than ordering a set of special order pistons . . . especially when they'll run in rare, vintage Axtell cylinders . . . and there's probably NO RETURNS on the pistons?  I came up with some special bolts to get the cylinder properly mounted to the boring table.
They require +.005 to +.007 running clearances (measured at the bottom of skirt) and Venolia normally figures the clearance into the piston size.  I requested my specific piston size, I wanted a standard manufactured ring size (in case he just needs to re-ring it sometime?) and I requested the rings come with the newer style Hastings 3-piece oil ring.  Cast compression rings.  The boring came out successfully (no other option on this one) - now just hone for fitment.  I'll probably give 'em a heavy 6 thou . . . he can break it in easy - and good warm-ups from then on . . .

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Matt said...

Real sweet Van Norman set up.
Glad to know these are still being used.