Algona, Iowa Flat Track - by Brandon Ree

Brandon did a great job organizing his first flat track race.  I heard lots of positive feedback from many racers about the track.  "Great track !"  Great food, cold beverages, plenty of places to watch the races . . . awesome event !

Corbin Erickson (below) was fast all day.  For a young kid, he had style - and walked away from a violent "head shake - tank slapper" crash on the back straight to come back and win his class. 
Patterson is over to have a chat with da man . . .
Clint Erickson won the TWINS heat on his '68 XLCH
 . . . Itchy a distance 3rd . . . but,
Michael Bickerton was a "late" entry (on his way from Fort Dodge) where he was dyno tuning his newly built half-miler.  Me and dad helped him with gear changes and a soft Maxxis rear tire - he then went out and won the Main going away !  Whoo Hooo - Go Itchy !!!!

 My favorite classes to watch are still the old WRs and flatheads . . .
Ed Sater lookin' good and smooth all day. 
Ol' No. 7 was sideways more than once. 
He saved it everytime, throwin' dirt and gettin' it on
Go fast Eddie . . . Home of the Wolf Pack !
See ya'll next year . . .

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Hailwood1965 said...

That Corbin Erickson kid was mondo fast at St. Paul tonight. Impressive!