Born a little too late . . .

I always get a shitty attitude around this time of year.  I'm not the only one.  This is the time when dudes want to ride their bikes, and the boss says NO !  Then they say "fuck this job" and jump on their motorcycle and ride on outta there.  Well, I don't have that problem personally, but when I see these pics of the way Sturgis was . . . and never will be again - I get kinda wrangled.  I need to get a posse going sometime, all on old iron and ride on out to the hills.  One of the most fun runs was last year with Clapper on our panheads, or when Ricky Anchor went.  This year we'll all hook up when we get there - at Michael's show.  The Cycle Source Run-To-The-Line . . . maybe Mondo's chopper show? or the AMCA meet . . . The Spirit of Sturgis - maybe go support the White Plate Flat Trackers or The Jackpine Gypsies . . . then I'll be with my own kind since I don't see myself changing anytime soon?
Sometimes I feel all by myself here in small town Iowa, but at Sturgis I can hook up.  That's a good reason to go sometime if you're on the edge.  Don't overthink it - just ride on outta there !
The fast cat wearing ol' #122 has got it goin' on . . . crankin it off the blue groove with his Simpson on . .  he's checkin' out . . . bye bye boys !

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