If You Can Visualize This Picture . . .?

I've always liked the 1950s panheads.  It all started with a circa 1957-1958 photo (which I can't find, lost it) of a Korean War Veteran.  He stood proudly next to his stripped down 1954FL with a ragged shirt(smokes under his sleeve), a puffy hat(sitting crooked on his head), engineer boots and ragged Levis.  The bike was packed like he was going somewhere?  The rear fender hinge was removed, a '55 style tail light plopped on top, hacked off front fender, no front tins, buckhorn bars, funky muffler, with straight stripes on the tank sides, and metal stars and other trinkets here and there . . . It was just the toughest lookin' motorcycle.  That's what I'm trying to build . . . oh, and hopefully it's gonna be a hard and solid runner ?
 Got the brake all hooked up.  Original H-D drum, backing plate, nos rivets, nos sprocket and brake springs. 
"Keep your old Harley-Davidson ALL Harley-Davidson !"
 Big Noot drug out this window he bought from some old dude years ago . . . so I shined it up, and mounted a vintage bag.  I could use it today for all the no-see-um bugs - shit they're bad.


Chris K said...

A bobbed Pan is the best. It retains all of the classic parts of a Harley, is cooler than stock or chopped cause it never goes out of style.

Noot said...

Kinda what I was thinkin'......???