I Hate Crap In My Pockets

For a guy who hates shit in his pockets,
I just had to get the crap out of there !
Big Twin Timer Gaskets(2ea)
Idler Gear Gasket
Early Points Set
Cam Specs. Comparison
Blue Post-It
X-Mas Ideas (for Cheryl)
Papermate Pen
$9 cash
Coffee Stir Stick (works good for One-Shot paint)
$1 corner ?
For some reason, my new panhead doesn't start very good.  It pops through the carb a lot, and only likes "way advanced" ignition timing????  Hmmm?  The timing (valves and ignition) is spot on, and has been adjusted to many different combinations, but it's the same story.  My cam seems to be correct, but I thought I'd make a cam chart, and see where the intakes are closing, and compare.  I have the Andrews AB grind in it now.  Once the engine is running, it sounds perfects and runs/idles perfect.  I have a magneto in it now, but I'm gonna slip a points timer and coil on to see what happens. Updates later . . . 

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