Sturgis Model

So my dad pretty much restores this guy's entire Sturgis motorcycle.  It was all farted up.  It started with just the motor and transmission.  Then, as it goes so often, the owner asks, "Can you put the motor in my bike?"  then . . . "Can you hook up the wiring?"  "Oh, I forgot . . . Can you put turn signals on it?"  "Oh, and can you fix the brakes, and fix the bearings, and fix the dash, and the seat, and the . . . Where does it end?  My dad, being the all knowing Harley guru scholar he is . . . pretty much did the entire bike - Started it yesterday, rode it around a bit . . . it's ready for the owner.
I did a couple things on it . . . like source, order and install the nos Sturgis fork cover decal.
Part No. 45771-80
This chrome foil decal had backing on both sides -
and I somehow got the $35.00 item installed perfectly !?!
Over the years, we've done many motorcycles for owners who aren't the best wrench, but they love the old iron.  I just hope the owner takes the time to learn, research and read how-to maintain and repair simple things on these motorcycles . . . it's the best for all of us.

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