1968 XLR (on Ebay now)

Sounds like they did a pretty good job building the motor, but then they state "Never been fired yet" or something like that?   Wouldn't if you did all that work, and spent all that money, you'd want to get it running?  Hear it run?  Maybe take some short rides and scuff it in a bit?  Have we no soul?  Have we no feeling for a vintage racing aura?  Have we no spirit?  What's going on here?  Live a little !  Jeeez !  (but then then are running the Brillo Pad air filter . . . What the hell ?)  Let's suck some loose copper strands in the motor . . . we have come a little ways in air filter technology this century, complete with hi-flo petcock(need 2 or 3 of 'em)

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david ervin said...

If they don't have any confidence in their work, why should I? They know their work better than I do.