Fat Kid and his Folks

Man I was a chunky lil' pork chop back then . . . (still am really).  This is me and mom in the basement of their new house (after a tornado took away the old house).  The bike would become an XLCH with a K frame and get ridden all over God's creation.  I got a new Big Wheel !
Here's the bike (and me on the Big Wheel) I really wish you could see my trike.  It was bright yellow with a blue seat that adjusted.  It didn't have a motor, so I had to make my own engine sounds.  The neighborhood was so much greener back then . . . everybody's was.  Who would have known the '55 work car would someday out-appreciate the Sportster by 6X.
Probably the first real "bike build" my dad ever did.  Complete with hot rod motor and custom paint !
Polished and clean . . . a real show stopper you could still travel on.

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-BaRoN- said...

Love the paint
Even though it's green...