Rebuilding Rods . . .

The last couple months a few races and bushings have been replaced.  It's similar to woodworking whereas you need to measure a few times before you go removing material. This little H-D Tool is part of the wrist-pin bushing removable tool.  It works great for pressing in the new bushings.

When the bushing bottoms after it's all-the-way-pressed-in . . . give it just a little more to help expand the bushing into the rod end.  This may help keep the bushing from ever spinning in the rod.
I do a lot of honing on my vintage Sunnen.  Rebuilding 1940s engines with a 1940's hone !  Good old American-Made tools !

Original H-D connecting rods, honed and fitted for std. rollers . . . and I come home smellin' like a machine shop.  Bonus !

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