So Much Pride

I assume he rides this on the street, and takes the generator and lights off for the club meets?  But maybe he's so fast, he doesn't need to take off the generator, or tail-lights, or jiffy stand?  He did take the headlight off (keep it from gettin' broke from rocks as he laps the field)  Heck, the tool box is still on it !  Now that I look at it, it's an XLH (with a timer and battery ignition).  He wins the biggest trophy with a street-bike with knobbies.  Sign him up !  Who is this guy?  I suspect somebody knows him? ________________ UPDATE:  Harley-Davidson historian Bill Rodencal told me this is Gerald "Jerry" McGovern.  Upon further research, I found that McGovern is shown here after the 1957 Jack Pine Win (he also won in 1950).  The race is run over all types of terrain, trails, tall grass, hills, water crossing, with various opportunities to earn (and lose) points.  It's on a points system.  In this very race, in 1957, were racers like John Penton . . .  so us Harley enthusiasts can proclaim proudly that John Penton was beaten by a guy on a '57 Sportster !  Hip Hip Horray for Jerry McGovern of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

 (PS: It looks like he made little extensions to raise the front fender....)


FatDog 1903 said...

The rider is Gerald McGovern I will send you a pic.

Chris K said...

Needs more cowbell