Definitions Change

In conversation with a certain "dude" he uses the word Biker Chick(or Chic) quite a bit.  Last night, I was real bored, messin' with my fancy phone on-line(which really isn't a phone, 'cause I just use it for Instagram) . . . searching some Instagram sites.  Then touching off various hashtags to view other subject matter.  Under a photo, there it was !  The term again !  I clicked #bikerchic . . . and I didn't see a single photo that aligned with what, to me, is the definition of a Biker Chic.  Nothing.  All the photos were scant clad, women on sportbikes, yada yada, girls posed on motorcycles (but not dressed for riding).  Gals that are sitting on a bike, but they wouldn't know how to check the oil, or start the engine, or basic maintenance.  The definition of "Biker Chic" to all these Instagram users and posters, who hashtag'd their photo, just didn't register the meaning, or definition to me.  They were just fashion models, pose strikers, girlfriends of dudes, or pretending women sitting on motorcycles. (and I'm sorry if I offended any women - calling them a chic - which is kinda a slang term)  I looked around on the internet, and after hundreds of photos, I finally found what (to myself) is the type of gal I think of when someone says, Biker Chick.
. . .  and I must say, she's a perfect example. 
And her bike is tough, cool vest, kerchief, the real deal.

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