If A Sportster Is What You Want . . . (Ebay)

Some early Ironheads are poppin' up on Ebay lately.  Quite a variety . . . Check out this radical lil' stroker digger.  Performance is what you need.  It would cost a lot of money to build this today - and with some work - a real show stopper and tire smoker.  Custom frame, brakes, struts, Performance Machine parts . . . this thing is bad ass.  Little baby blue Victory.

Now if you're into dark and doom - Want something with a bit more death.  This far out prism diamond in the rough is for you.  Full Diggerization !

You got to be a tough stud to go crankin' on this bitch.  This bike IS pretty killer.  Lot's of work went into this back in the day.  A really nice paint job with murals and themes is what it needs now.  If you came riding up on this, all packed - Respect you will receive. 
You say both these motorcycles are just too gnarly for you????? How about this bone stock barn find with plenty of rust and aluminum disease???

I've traveled many miles on an early ironhead such as this.  These are actually great touring motorcycles (especially on 2 lane back roads).  I fitted mine with a 22T transmission sprocket.  I can run 70 if needed - but it prefers about 62mph.  Loaded.  Bags full with a big duffle bag for back support on the buddy seat.  Tuck down behind the compact windshield during heavy rain or high winds.  Your body will be ready to get off before you ever need fuel.  If this is just too much baggage for you to handle?  The next "stocker" is the one you need !

 A big 1000cc with optional aluminum rims.  This is the Neil Diamond of Harley-Davidson Sportsters.  The XLH (with electric start) and the hardest seat ever fitted to a stock ironhead.  This seat will make you leap off around 60 miles.  It's also one of the hottest seats, able to reach soaring temps in full sun.  It'll burn you, right through your denims.  The plastic gauge covers get so foggy you won't care anymore about revs or speed, you'll be enjoying life so much on this factory gold beauty.  Place your bids now. 


ejstickford said...

Great post, as always. I've enjoyed your blog for a few years and I appreciate that you keep posting! Thanks!

lucky23design said...

Love the stockers myself. That '75 is a gem...

Chris K said...

The first two were never my style and just look dated to me. On the other hand the second two will always be cool and keep their value.