WR Idler Shaft Center Punch

Here's the little "center punch" that will press onto the WR idler shaft stud end.  Now I can slip the gear cover on, with all the cams in place, and start the gear cover screws, attaching the cover evenly until this center punch makes the perfect center to indicate where to drill my hole, and make the bushing. 
This will go in the box of tools and gadgets that never get used - ever again !


LMB said...

I would love to add your blog to the Blogdump on ChopCult.com. Please email me at lisa@chopcult.com if you are interested. Keep up the great work!

Noot said...

I thought I was already on it? Blogs are kinda dyin' but I've for some reason keep gaining followers. For dudes with big ol' monitors I suspect?