Our Ice Track . . Is Melting . . . shit

Above: Just 5 hours later - turning to slush
Still a solid base, but we can't ride on water !
Weather Forecast:
Today(Thurs) High 40F  Low Tonite 5F
Friday High 19F  Low 10F
Saturday High 32F+
Maybe make some laps Saturday early ? 
That might be it for this season here in Iowa?
Burton, Crooks and Schmitty do all the track maintenance with ATVs and snowblades.  They keep it groomed after it gets loose with ice chips and fluff.  The track is holding up well with 15" of ice at 38F today.  Another warm day may smooth out the surface, and it'll freeze up tight on Friday night.  Straights are longer now (a bit more speed) with technical cornering. 
It's a "D Shaped" layout.  (like a mini DuQuoin Mile)  This will be the 6th weekend of motorcycles.
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