Here's the '37 knuckle minutes before it went to see it's anxious owner.  This motor came (in multiple boxes and ice cream pails) to be updated with '40up races, new bore and pistons, machine work, valve work . .  it took all the tricks to get it to this point.  It's got an improved cam shaft (over stock) and will be a great runner.  Pulling hard on long up hills, gliding through turns, blasting straights and giving many enjoyable miles.  It turned out to be a beautiful engine.  Clean, but we didn't remove any character - it'll match the weathered chassis and worn paint.

Now it's up to the owner to make sure their oil is pumping, the carburetor ain't too lean, the intake manifold is on correctly, the motor is bolted in and shimmed correctly, the top motor mount isn't binding, they ride it nice for the first 300 miles and stay around 55mph, break it in, heat cycle it . . . etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 

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