1964 Springfield Mile 50 LAP Amateur National

50K Tom Peiffer - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - BSA
41K Dwight Ratcliff - Des Moines, Iowa - Harley KR
52K Herb Bellinger - Muscatine, Iowa - Harley KR
These 3 fast boys from Iowa are ready to duke it out with some BSAs from Appleton, a Harley KR from Clio, Michigan (Mees and Cheza territory) and a brand spankin' new 1964KR from Urbana, Illinois !  Richard Farner brought his Royal Enfield.  They surely needed a pit stop . . . 50 laps !  Wow !
Anyone know the guy from Des Moines?  I know there's a BSA in Anamosa (Nat'l Museum) that Bellinger rode . . .
Dan Haaby(22Y) went on to become a pro factory H-D rider and road racer.

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