Axtell 3 3/16 Stroker Pistons

Anyone want to buy some old stroker pistons?  I cleaned 'em all up, and they aren't scored or anything.  Nice condition.  They are just cool - Buy and Collect !  Trade with your friends !  Just neat to have on the shelf.
(PS. I can measure them and get you an exact size if you're interested)

Build a Stroker - Rebel against society !  Buck the system !  Disobey the Speed Limit !
Live a little ! 


Hailwood1965 said...

I might!


Noot said...


Hailwood1965 said...


Email me!

Noot said...

Sure, I'll ship 'em to you - and you can PayPal me (or check, whatever) next week - I'm out on safari 'til Tuesday ! Stroker Power !

keithybloodygeorge said...

Oh hot damn ya gotta be quick to get the good stuff! Serves me right for not checking in for a week or two!