Phoenix Trip

I took a weekend off and went to Phoenix for a visit . . . The Arizona Antique & Classic Enthusiasts Club and has nice show and swap. 

I wanna buy a bike and head for the desert !

They had a sweet turn-out of vintage (non-Harley) . . . but I bought a set of K Model pistons at the swap meet . . . and should've bought more stuff (decent prices).
Jeremiah was a bit "under-the-weather" all weekend with strep and fever, so that kinda sucked, since usually I get to hang around and hone some cylinders, or grind some valves?  He did muster up enough strength to meet me Monday (on my way to the airport) and fire up his TROG knuckle racer for me.  Lots of projects at Love Cycles as always.  He's always been the best host, and we always have a fun time talkin' shop and catchin' up on all things vintage H-D.  See ya'll soon and good luck at TROG in June.  -Noot

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