Cool Bike - Cool Boots

I don't know the situation (since there's lots o' pictures of women, with motorcycles, who don't really ride the bike they're photographed with)   However, I just have a feeling this is her Sportster . . . she owns it . . . it's registered in her name, and she rides the shit out of it? 
I'd like to tell her, "Hey, I really like your bike !"


Richard Ostrander said...

It sure looks like Max Schaaf's Bay area friend who used to ride a cool Triumph. Hence the save Mono lake t-shirt, east side of the Sierras. Original period paint, Bay area style bike. Need to make a phone call. if it is , she can RIDE!

Richard Ostrander said...

Noot, Yes, as I thought, it's Sarah from Oakland with her "new" '66 XLCH. She can ride handlebar to handlebar with the best of us.