Nut & Boltin' . . .

Check and double check.  Goin' over everything on my flat track bike just so I can make a few laps at Vintage Torquefest next weekend.  When you're not a pro, and you only ride a couple times a year like this . . . you need all equipment under you safe and solid.  I fixed the lower Timken cup in the frame(it was loose) and reset the front end bearings.
The tank got a bit more foam dampening underneath.  The lower mounts were readjusted.
Oil changed to Straight H-D 50 wt.  (I ran H-D 10-40 all winter for ice riding).  I'll unhook the return line and run the motorcycle to flush all the dark oil from the motor - once the oil turns clean again, you know it's purged of old oil.  Pipe guard keeps my leathers from burning . . .
New fuel lines.  I'll lube the air filter.  Dual feed supplies fuel from both sides of the Trackmaster tank.  Two petcocks - Don't forget to turn on the gas dummy !
The pipes are tight.  Axle nuts tight.  My trusty 16T trans sprocket installed - wheel adjusted - It's ready for a test.  I have a title and insurance for this bike, so it's up-the-street I go !
Forks have been stiffened.  Cables re-adjusted.   Lots of work for just a few laps . . . and it rains about every year(so it might not even happen) But strapping on a steel shoe, leathers, helmet, gloves . . . and going around on a dirt oval is fun.  Banked 3/8 Mile with clay, and a wall around the outside.  No hay bales.  Vintage bikes only (that's the best part) - Let's go play dirt-track racer ! 
This is the view I want to show those Triumphs this year -
Wishful thinking ?!?!?!


Bastard said...

Have fun Ricky..And don't break nuttin'...I should send you
a photo of my 101" VL...It now has aluminum heads and new cams.
Your blog RULES..Always great stuff posted..

Noot said...

Don't Break Nuttin' IS THE GOAL ! I call it "Quit while you're ahead Race team." If the bike's running, and yer still walkin' - put it in the truck !

-BaRoN- said...

so good

j- said...

Love that tank