Panhead Case Repair

I got a local aluminum welder who does a little work for me . . . then I go and smooth everything and make it look factory fresh again.  This relay boss was a challenge.  It had been removed years ago - and Michael had a different one, so I shaped it and fit the thing by tapping the case and bolting it in position.  Then Dustin welded it all up nice for me to finish and blend. 
Same goes for this rear motor mount boss.  All busted to shit, now fixed.

The lower case dowel boss - now repaired too . . . and a bunch of other little stuff.  This 1948 FL case was a mess.
We removed the old race, measured multiple times, set up a case support, heated the case, applied Sunnen press-fit lube to the new race . .  and pressed it in.  Now to bolt the cases together, measure the pinion and case race - and lap to size.  Fun stuff for a Sunday afternoon !

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