Ready For The Road

I got turn signals mounted under the seat.  Everything works.  The last time I rode it (before we started gettin' all this snow again) my first impression wasn't real positive.  The brakes don't work real good, but it probably takes a few miles to get the new shoes all lapped into the drums?  The thing just seems kinda junky (like a big ol' pile o' bolts shakin' around under you).  I built it right, it's just different from the other ones.  It takes miles to get the rhythm on any rebuild.  A few adjustments, a few tweeks, a nice sunny day, a back road, maybe a brew . . ?  I'm not building any more motorcycles, so I'm trying not to rush it.  Good things take time.


Richard Ostrander said...

Does it start easier now?

Noot said...

Not really, I need to get it on the highway, but it keeps snowing !!!!