Messin' with lights & switches . . .

My headlight is an FXLR factory headlight.  I welded tabs on it(upside down) and utilized the stock wiring hole to mount my switch.  I welded a block on the lower tree, and mounted the headlight.  I smoothed out all the mounts, and shaved the lower tree.  My own pinstripes.  When did I have time to do all this? 
The small hole in the frame is fed my headlight wire. (I wrapped the wire around a pencil, telephone cord style)  Kleen is what I want . . . Ness hardhead frame.  It's a 1965(hence the Manetti Gold Leaf "65" on the head tube).  Also 65 cu in. 
New kill switch in the top motor mount.  Heads by Jerry Branch. 

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