Springfield MILE this Sunday

I couldn't make it this time, but I hope everyone has some fun.  Looks like a hot one (95 degrees) where the track dries out and gets slick, creating possible low-sides.  Tire wear will be a huge factor, so look for the veterans to hold back a bit 'til the 5 lap sign.  Another problem is with all the liquid cooled bikes now.  They'll be blowin' their corks (if they sit on the line too long idling) and spewing during the race too.  Tiny radiators for less wind drag, but they don't cool as well either.  The older air-cooled motors never had that problem.  It should be interesting.  I always hate seeing a newby with a good run for the win, get sidelined for a overheating engine or a bald rear tire.  Experience is the key - so look for Coolbeth, Smith (and of coarse Mees) . . . but I'll take Ronnie Jones just for the fun of it !  Go Ronnie Go !  Show em' some flashes of brilliance !  My predictions (except for the obvious) Look for a good run from Chad Cose, and maybe a win from Jeffrey Carver (who I always root for).  I'd like to see Bickerton make a pro main again too !

Let's see, Hmmmm, if we left at 4am ish Sunday - I'd be there for the race, home by 11pm . . . long day - but it could be done !


-BaRoN- said...

One day I'll be there

david ervin said...


Noot said...

Pretty good predictions on my part . . . I picked the Triple Crown too by the way - Any horse that can win in sun AND mud is tough to beat !