It's Summer - Start Acting Like It

I hang out with these guys above (at the AMCA Viking Chapter Swap Meet) in St. Paul, MN.  It's a good meet, lots of nice bikes . . . and it's pretty laid back.  Prices are reasonable and the vendors have great coffee and ice cream.  There's a steak dinner at night if you want too.
There's bathrooms and showers in the bottom of the water tower.  You'd think the water pressure would be better - but it's the same.  This year I'm taking my chopper (no storage) so I don't buy a bunch of stuff I don't really need. 
I saved a pic of this Sportster from a few years ago. 
I'm sure it's still running around someplace?
Egeberg's was a big dealer back-in-the-day up in the Twin Cities. 
The weatherman said it's gonna be nice, so it's me and dad riding up !
Camping . . . drinking a beer, having a bratwurst.
. . . and there's the cool car show in North St. Paul Friday nite !
Come on up !

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