1952-53 K Model Cylinder (restored)

These are my K Model cylinders with standard bore.  I'll bore 'em +.010, and they'll replace my current +.070 cylinders (that are about wore out with +.006 and .008 clearance).  I smoothed out the ports.  I have some nitrite valves too.  I'll run the larger KH Intakes(seats cut accordingly) with new cast iron guides (I cut down the guides a bit for better air flow).  The cylinders had nice bores, but everything else was wore out.  I rounded up some better valves covers, new springs, collars and keepers - all NOS H-D.  The broken cooling fins have all been repaired.  This has only taken me about 2 1/2 years !  Ha . . . but aren't these cylinders beautiful ? ! ? !   From looking at the 45s all the time - the K-Model intake ports are HUGE !

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