Muffler Bashing - Air Cleaner Snorting

ISSUE #1: Bad sounding/performing muffler.  I keep taking the muffler off this thing and beatin' the shit out of it (internally).  It just sounds like crap.  It reminds me of a wet toilet paper roll shoved in there.  Clogged.  I already cut the muffler in half, gutted out the restrictions, took about 8" out of the length.  Now I took the muffler off again (4th or 5th time) and have a 1/2" steel bar I turned a sharp point on - and I've been beating through the center from both ends.  The bar gets stuck, I clamp the bar in my big vise, then twist and turn the muffler to get the bar out !  I got a long "bell hanger" carbide drill bit (18" length) I'm drilling though the center.  Finally it's better, runs better, and idles like a panhead should . . . pieces of metal flying out.  I just want to use it - 'cause it looks cool. 

ISSUE #2: Motor runs like shit in heavy cross-wind.  I've adapted a stock-air cleaner to my Super E because I like the stock look.  But these air cleaners are known for "wind issues" and this is no different.  I'm in-the-process of modifying an S&S B-Series air cleaner backing plate to run on my Super E.  This entails machining new holes, milling for screw heads, removing the air bleed screw on the carb body (since the back plate blocks the outer air-bleed hole) and a bit of burr, fitment mods.  I've never had a wind issue with the S&S air cleaner - they are great, and direct the air into the carb, don't 'cause fires, and give great response and flow.  It just don't look quite right on here, but I may learn to like it ?  I run one of my black Sportster, and I noticed it had a bit better throttle response, and gives you more leg room (than the larger, ugly chrome stock Super E air cleaner)

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Bastard said...

Hi Noot, I use a the biggest hole saw that will fit in the upstream end of a muffler and then using a 1/2" drill to spin it, just drill away.. I hold the muffler between my legs so I don't dent or damage the finish... Works for me.

If I could I would post photos of the replica Harley air cleaner I fitted to an S&S carb I used on my 101 VL.... But, you know what, the venture on a Super E is only about a 1/16" bigger than the Keihen I was running....And after extensive ride testing.............I went back to the Keihen... Just not that much difference on a road bike.....My flathead is the BIG VL... 5 1/4" stroker.. So, it's pretty much about torque anyway...........